Monday, October 7, 2013

Don't Forget the Groom

The groom's cake is a tradition that started right here in the South. Years and years ago, single women would take home pieces of the groom's cake, stash their slice under their pillows, and dream about their own husbands-to-be. If you're a Steel Magnolia's fan like myself (and if you're from the great state of Georgia, I suspect you are), when you hear the term "groom's cake," you instantly think about that gruesome armadillo shaped, red velvet cake. The embarrassment of that tacky cake is a great comedic scene in the film when the bride shrieks in horror as she sees the tail cut from the armadillo's body with red velvet cake showing from under the icing. Regardless of your groom's hobbies and interests, you can incorporate a groom's cake into your reception that will affectionately represent your new husband while maintaining the elegance and class you've worked so hard to achieve. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding on a groom's cake design.

Start Your Search Early: Because groom's cakes tend to be more intricate in shape, design, and materials used than the regular wedding cake, you'll want to give your cake designer plenty of time to create your masterpiece. Just like selecting your wedding cake, be sure to ask for samples of their work and check out testimonials from former clients.

Shop Around: Check out many different bakeries. Start with the bakery you've selected for your wedding cake. Often times bakeries offer discounts on subsequent cake orders. This might not always be the case however and you'll want to shop around to several different bakeries.

Keep it Personal: For many grooms, the groom's cake is the only aspect of the wedding day where his personality is displayed independently from the bride's, so keep the groom's cake personal. Think of things that say something about your future husband's hobbies, interests, career, etc. Scour the internet for inspiration. You'll be able to find cakes in the shape of Star Wars character R2D2, comic book covers, video game consoles, Legos, sports stadiums and more.

Keep it Flavorful: While you had to consider the tastes of your guests for your wedding cake, the groom's cake should focus on his tastes. What flavors does he like? Many couples opt for a chocolate and peanut butter combination. Keep it as simple as possible since you'll also be serving a larger cake to guests.

Surprise Him: Many brides are using the tradition of a groom's cake to surprise their husbands-to-be. While a couple can decide together on the groom's cake if they so choose, many brides are taking it upon themselves to surprise their guys with this personal reception touch. Surprising your groom with his groom's cake can be a nice way to show him just how much you love him.

Cake Table Décor: Once you've decided on a style and flavor for your groom's cake, you'll want to consider how to display it. Many brides decide to display the groom's cake on the same table as the wedding cake. Allow the competent staff at Peachtree Petals to incorporate your wedding colors and centerpieces onto your cake table to complete your reception décor. The experienced Atlanta florist at Peachtree can select the best quality flowers and foliage to compliment both of your cakes and integrate your wedding theme and style.

The groom's cake can be a great southern tradition to incorporate into your wedding, but no matter what you choose to do, the staff at Peachtree Petals is here to help you with your special day. Recognized as a Master Florist by FTD, the staff at Peachtree Petals is as committed to quality and excellence as you are. Enjoy a free one hour wedding consultation with a member of this dedicated team to help see your wedding day vision to fruition. The wedding consultants can help with everything from bouquets and centerpieces, to reception décor , to customized floral hairpieces for all of the ladies in your wedding party. Schedule your free wedding consultation today using the simple appointment scheduler on Peachtree's website at, or schedule by phone at 678.336.1195.

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