Monday, November 4, 2013

Best November Flowers!

There is nothing like the month of November, as the winter season begins to show forth all of its' beauty. It also holds one of the most celebrated holidays of the year—Thanksgiving. Many are already making plans to travel and visit the people they love. November is so fitting for nesting close to the fire, spending time with loved ones from near and far.

November is also the month that officially begins the holiday season, as well as holiday shopping. Although many gifts can be purchased for the holidays, one of the best gifts that can be given that touches the heart are flowers. With so many colors that are simply gorgeous during this time, you can be sure that flowers in November will be simply breathtaking and beautiful. Below are some of the Best November Flowers you will find and help you show that special someone just how much you care.

Chrysanthemums—The chrysanthemum is the official flower for the month of November, therefore, it is the most fitting and symbolic flower during this time. It primarily blooms in the western US during November. Within the language of flowers, this wonderful flower stands for compassion and friendship. This is a truly beautiful flower and comes in a variety of colors, including white, rust, pink, green and more!

Sunflowers—The sunflower is as an amazing and cheerful flower as they come. It is considered a floral highlight in the northeastern part of the US during this month. It is naturally a tall wildflower and is perfect to make your loved ones smile. This flower is so fitting for November, filled with the beautiful winter colors of brown and sun yellow. It also is great as the primary flower within a wildflower bouquet or a mixed floral arrangement.

Hydrangeas—The hydrangea is one of a kind and is adored by all. It blooms in November and predominately does so in the southeastern US. This flower grows in small and large clusters of mini-flowers together. Hydrangeas are very versatile and can be used for various types of events. They come in a number of fragrance colors, including snowy white, purple, blue, and more. They are also charming and are among the Best Flowers For November Weddings.

Asiatic Lilies - Lilies are in season year round and have a variety of colors, yet nothing compares to asiatic lilies. These wonderful flowers have a one-of-kind rustic color that is very elegant and regal. They also come in a dark orange color as well. This particular lily is excellent for the fall and winter seasons. Asiaitc lilies also bloom wide and make for beautiful centerpieces during Thanksgiving.

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