Monday, January 20, 2014

Save Money On Flowers For Your January Wedding!

It is the beginning of the year and new things are happening. Happiness is already in the air and the start your year being married is an awesome experience to have for the rest of your life. One thing you want to know is what you can do to make your January wedding more memorable.

Your wedding is can be as lavish and creative as you would like to make it. It is all up to you and you definitely want to make it count! Now, you are not alone. Many other ladies like you have time and time again tossed wedding ideas around in their heads on how to not spend so much. You may have ideas regarding a lot of aspects of your wedding, yet here are some ideas relative to how to flowers for a January wedding, especially if you want to save money.

Go With In-Season Flowers – January is right in the middle of winter time. It is closer to spring time, however, you still want to go with the flowers that are in season. One big reason is because flowers that are out of season will be more expensive. There are definitely many exotic flowers out there, but you can still find beautiful flowers without paying so much out of your pockets. Some flower options are to go with daisies, lilies, roses, and snowball chrysanthemums.

Use Smaller Bouquets – You can also use smaller wedding bouquets for your wedding as well. This is one of best ways to save money on January Wedding Flowers. You can elect to have a more simple and elegant touch for your wedding flowers. Even single flowers can be very classy and original. Having the right floral designer will be key with using smaller bouquets.

Try Silk Flowers – For your January wedding, you can also go with silk flowers as a great idea to save money. The plus about using silk flowers is they cost less and there will be more of a variety to choose from. You will have more color and flower options for less money than real flowers. You can also feel good about knowing you can keep them and reuse them for other special occasions.

Create Your Own Arrangements – Creating your own arrangements is absolutely an excellent way to save money on your January Wedding Bouquets. You can find a local flower seller and purchase them, and simply get some designer tips over the internet to create your own bouquet. This option does take time, yet if you have put a lot into your budget already, this could be the best route to go in. Yet, Atlanta Florist like Peachtree Petals already has quality wedding bouquets and flowers at a great price, so you don’t have to create your own!

There is not a better time to starting planning your wedding than at the beginning of the year. So even if your wedding isn’t in January, you still can get a head start and make sure you’re not rushing when your wedding day comes. You won’t find a better Atlanta Florist to save money with than Peachtree Petals. Our designers have over 25 years of combined experience and absolutely love their craft. We also offer free wedding consulting to help you explore and decide on all your floral needs. From January Wedding Flowers to Wedding Centerpieces, Peachtree Petals does it all! Visit us at or call us today!

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