Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Wedding Costs Brides Forget When Budgeting

When you are planning for your wedding, there are so many things that you have to budget for. From catering to wedding bouquets, you or your wedding planner will be adding various expenses to your list to make sure your big day goes perfect! Beyond all the planning and effort, we find that there are still some small costs that you should consider budgeting for. Below are 5 wedding costs that Brides forgot to budget for and hopefully save money along the way!

Beauty Treatments – Usually brides only consider their hair and makeup needs on the day of the wedding. However, you may need more than one trial for both, in order to decide on what’s the most fitting look for you. Manicures, pedicures and spa treatments can be very therapeutic a night before the wedding also. With so much you have to make sure is right, this is something brides can forget to budget for, yet they are much needed. Marriage License – The marriage ceremony can be completed and the honeymoon can be unforgettable, however, it must be legal. This means you can’t forget to budget for your marriage license expense. It typically costs $20 and $100, depending upon the state you get married in. You’ll also need to pay for a copy of your marriage license if you don’t receive a copy of it after it’s filed. This document will be very important as you and your new husband pursue to do some things together, especially if the wedding is in another country.

Asking Bridesmaids in a Special Way – Some brides-to-be absolutely love and treasure the moment that they request their “girls” to be a bridesmaid. A simple call will be fine for a groom, but for a bride, it is quite different. This can be viewed as part of the whole wedding experience, and brides desire to ask them in a special way. This may include spending money on an elegant dinner or a girls’ night out. It can also include personalized cards or gifts specific to that friend. Either way, this is another unexpected cost to budget for.

A Hotel Room the Night Before – Your bridesmaids may be flying in town and need a hotel suite before the wedding night. You have to be fully aware of the check in/out times because you may have to budget for two nights in order to have the full morning to get ready. You may also desire to do something fun and relaxing with them, such as room service, massage, and other activities, as you enjoy your bridesmaids before your wedding.

Meals on the Wedding Day – Another unexpected cost to budget for is miscellaneous meals provided on your wedding day. This usually involves your bridesmaids needing to eat while getting ready, which is probably in the same home or hotel. A recommendation is to keep it simple with the breakfast or brunch items, such as fruit, bagels, sandwiches and juice beverages. Don’t say you all can skip the most important meal of the day, because you will definitely need the energy to tackle the full day ahead!

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