Monday, March 3, 2014

Did You Know That When It Comes To Flowers, There Are Different Types of Bouquets?

Ordering the perfect flowers can sometimes be a difficult task but having an understanding of some basic floral terminology can make the experience easier. Becoming more knowledgeable will make you feel more confident and can assure you are able to easily articulate your desires to your professional florist. Here at Atlanta's number one florist, we want to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We'll cover some of the more common terms that will make you more prepared and at ease when ordering.

Bouquet: This basic term is often used in the floral industry. This term refers to a dense bunch of blooms kept together in a bouquet holder like wire and ribbon.

Cascade: Cascades are one of the trendiest arrangements in the industry right now. Many brides are ordering cascades as the perfect touch for their wedding day. A cascade is defined as flowers that descend below the main portion of a bouquet.

Crescent: A crescent arrangement features one full flower with a flowering stem wired together. This will create a thin handle that is held in one hand. The crescent bouquet is very popular with Atlanta brides who opt for a vintage feel on their special day.

Garden: One of the biggest wedding flower trends in 2014 is to channel an English Garden. The term “garden” in the floral world refers to arrangements, particularly centerpieces, which feature wild flowers. Popular flowers in garden arrangements are Dusty Miller, Daylillies, Forget-Me-Not, and Irises.

Topiary: We are loving topiaries right now! We have several topiary arrangements featured in our new Buckhead Posh Collection. Topiaries are flowers and plants cut into interesting geometric shapes. These arrangements are the perfect gift to send to someone who typically doesn't like to receive flowers. Placing a creative spin on a traditional bouquet will leave your recipient awe-struck!

Nosegay/Biedermeier: We often hear these two terms used interchangeably, and while they are very similar they are still quite different. Using these two terms correctly with collaborating with your Peachtree Petal florist can ensure you get exactly what you want. A Nosegay is a bouquet that is small and round in shape and consists of round flowers and fill that are densely packed. The density of these smaller flowers gives this arrangement a lush fullness. On the other hand, a Biedermeier is the same shape and density of a Nosegay but each flower inside the bouquet is a different color.

Oasis: Oasis is a special foam florists use inside of bouquet holders and centerpieces. This foam retains water and maintains the freshness of blooms. Oasis is something you would want to speak to your florist about for weddings to keep your wedding flowers to keep them fresher longer or if you're planning to have a bouquet delivered across a long distance. The florists here at Atlanta’s premium floral shop utilize a variety of methods to maintain freshness in their unique bouquets.

Whether your knowledge of flowers and arrangements is that of an amateur florist, or you're ordering flowers for the very first time, the FTD Certified Master Florists at Atlanta's number one flower shop are here to help you. The talented florists are committed to excellency in their creations and the satisfaction of their customers. You can easily browse arrangements to be shipped same day in the Atlanta-metro area on their extensive website,, or visit their brand new location at 1450 W. Peachtree St. NW to speak to a florist who can assist you in all your floral needs.

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