Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travel Trends For Your Honeymoon!

We all want the best wedding in the world. A wedding that turns out to be one of the greatest moments in our lives is what we want to say when the ceremony is over. Yet, that isn’t all that we want, because after the wedding, the honeymoon is meant to be a beautiful celebration and commencement of our new marriage. You want your honeymoon to be just as special as the wedding itself and it can be!

Your honeymoon should be truly enjoyable and there are some new trends for couples to help them experience this. With an array of honeymoon options, you don’t have to settle. Regardless of your situation or obligations, you can have an awesome honeymoon when you make use of these honeymoon travel trends.

One travel trend that is very helpful for newlyweds is to take a mini-moon. Sometimes, your new spouse doesn’t have the vacation time available on their job to take a full honeymoon, which is usually a week. The wedding could have also been held is a city away from home or hosting a destination wedding. For whatever reason it may be, you are only in a position to take a short time away, therefore, make it a mini-moon. A mini-moon can be two or three nights, still offering you the best of both. You can get some time away and enjoy one another, plus meet your job obligations. Remember, you can always take a formal, lengthy honeymoon at another time.

If you have some obligations relative to your kids, no need to worry. Another one of the latest honeymoon trends is to take a family-moon. It may not be ideal; however, you can bond as a family and still enjoy your new marriage. You can possibly travel to a destination that is conducive for your family-moon, yet at the same time, allows you to spend quality time with your spouse. A great example is a cruise, which has babysitting amenities.

A baby-moon is another great travel trend where couples have to take they honeymoon while pregnant. You may not be able to travel that far due to the pregnancy, yet you can still spend your honeymoon within your hometown or the nearest big city. You can book some nights at one the city’s most elegant hotel, do fun things and enjoy one another.

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Reference: Jenna Mahoney, The Latest Travel Trends for Couples

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