Friday, May 16, 2014

Weather Channel Broadcasts From Peachtree Petals on Mother’s Day

Besides Christmas, there's no better time to be a florist than on Mother's Day. From single moms to grandmothers, this is the one day of the year that florists have the opportunity to be a part of, bringing a smile to their faces and joy to their hearts. As a recognized leading Atlanta florist, Peachtree Petals has become popular and highly-desired by so many customers in the Atlanta and metro-Atlanta areas. Yet, this past Mother's Day, customers weren't the only ones that took notice of our floral success. The Weather Channel broadcasted Peachtree Petals live nationwide for Mother's Day.

Peachtree Petals was visited by the Weather Channel Friday morning to perform a live broadcast of the florist, as it prepared for one of the highest floral holiday sales of the year—Mother's Day. The Weather Channel interviewed Peachtree Petals to discuss how the severe winter from last year affected the cut flower industry and did it impact its' respective flower supply. Mother's Day accounts for one-fourth of all floral purchases made during the holidays, making it second, only to Christmas, as the holiday with the most floral sales. Also, fresh cut flowers account for 72% of the types of Mother’s Day flowers that consumers buy for their loved ones.

With this in mind, The Weather Channel sought to see how Peachtree Petals "weathered the storm" and has continued to compete. With many suppliers, Peachtree Petals has been able to not experience a flower shortage, yet also experience business growth at the same time. Monthly orders have doubled since last year, and this year’s Mother's Day for Peachtree Petals increased in comparison to 2012. Peachtree Petals was open Saturday, the day prior to the holiday, and open on Mother’s Day as well.

The Weather Channel's meteorologist Maria LaRosa represented the well-known weather forecaster and conducted frequent live feeds, which aired throughout last Friday morning. Peachtree Petals was honored with the Weather Channel's visit and presented to the LaRosa with a complimentary, premium floral arrangement. Highlights of the live broadcast, pictures and more, visit the Peachtree Petals' on its' comprehensive Facebook page. Peachtree Petals is thankful for the nationwide exposure, as it continues to gain recognition nationwide.

Peachtree Petals is an exceptional florist, specializing in premium floral arrangements and wedding floral decor services. From wedding bouquets to birthday flowers, Peachtree Petals is able to meet all of your floral needs. We also have our very own floral and gift shop located within the downtown area at 1450 West Peachtree Street, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia. The floral and gift shop is easily accessible, selling various assorted gifts, including premium Godiva chocolates, plush teddy bears, Mother's Day mylar balloons, and more! With this strategic location, Peachtree Petals attracts a wide range of business customers and large corporations, just as the Weather Channel.

Peachtree Petals can do it all and its’ floral designers have over 25 years of combined experience and enjoy their craft. We offer a wide range of services to a growing list of clients, such as wedding decor and wedding floral consulting, company floral subscriptions and weekly floral ordering. The company offers a simple approach to the floral industry, most notably, same-day delivery of all their floral arrangements in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area.

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