Monday, November 24, 2014

Flowers In Season In November!

As the year begins to move into the winter months, many of us still want the best of flowers, yet we wonder what is in. It is definitely a time of the year where flowers in most of the country aren't budding as in the spring and summer. Flowers are always a desire for most women for various events and occasions. Corporations still want to beautify their foyers and branch offices, even in months like November in California.

It would appear that November would have any thing to offer in regards to flowers, yet it does. We just need to know what's out there in November and where we can get them. If you are looking for the flowers in season in November, you don't have to look any farther. Here are a number of flowers that you will find that actually are not only available, but are also in season.

Chrysanthemums - The official flower of the month of November is the Chrysanthemum. This lovely flower blooms bountifully in the western United States in November and it stands for compassion, as well as friendship. It is a great choice for anyone in California.

Sunflowers - Sunflowers are definitely so fitting for this season. They are actually one of the in-season floral highlights in the northeastern part of the US, however, this happy flower can be shipped to the great sunshine state of California. The are excellent when it comes to creating mixed flower bouquets, which make for great Thanksgiving dinner and celebration decor. They are also great flowers as a get-well gift for your family and loved ones to make them smile.

Hydrangeas - This is a wonderful, gentle flower that is one-of -a-kind. The hydrangea comes in small and large clusters which a lovely to behold. It comes in a variety of colors consisting of white, light purple, dark purple, pink, and blue. It is a beautiful flower that is is season in November as well. They make for great floral decor for festive celebrations in the winter time to offset the natural winter colors.

Orchids - Orchids are very simple, yet elegant in every way. The Orchid is in season year-round, which flourish in greenhouses and protected gardens. The flowered plants that can last and is versatile. Therefore, is an excellent choice for a loved one that is getting well, yet is fitting gift for your best friend's business office.

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