Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Enjoy The Best May Flowers!

There's no month like the month of May. It still has all of the warm feelings of springtime as summer draws near. A number of beautiful occasions and events are held during May, from graduations, weddings, birthday celebrations, and more!

For your precious occasion, a wonderful bouquet of flowers and floral decor is always fitting during May. Of course, you don't want to select just any flowers. You want the best! Here are some of Best May Flowers that you will absolutely love and are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

Lily - The lily is one of the best May Flowers that you can choose. It is actually the birth flower of May, which will bring even more meaning to your occasion. The lily symbolizes majesty, beauty, purity, sweetness, and humility. There are a variety of types of this flower as well, including the Tiger Lily, which symbolizes wealth and pride. This large flower usually is fragrant, has six petals and come in a range of colors like white, yellow and red.

Roses - The rose is the number one flower in the world. It is the most popular flower and used for a variety of occasions, especially weddings. May is one of the earliest months when a wide range of rose types begin to bloom. You can't go wrong with the rose because of the colors it has to offer. You can find roses in red, white, yellow, orange, lavender, pink and more.

Peonies - The peony has also become a favorite among women because of the elegance, romance and class that it exudes. This gorgeous flower blooms in May, as well as in June. It symbolizes riches and honor, in addition to it being an excellent way to express how much you value that one you love. Peonies are large flowers and they usually are fragrant. Peonies come in red, white or yellow, and shades of these colors as well.

Daffodils - Daffodils are beautiful flower that blooms throughout springtime in April and May. It can be used as a primary or complimenting flower also. In regards to color, the daffodil comes in bright yellow or white. What is treasured about this flower is that it gives off a sweet fragrance that you will love and adds to the atmosphere of your occasion.

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