Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Flower of the Month--Roses

June marks the end of school and the official beginning of summer. In June, we're excited to celebrate the flower of the month, the rose. Sending Atlanta flowers says a lot, and sending roses says even more, but the color of the roses you send can convey different meanings. We've compiled a guide to the meanings behind the colors of roses and other various and sundry pieces of information about the one of the most notable and desired flowers.

Red Rose: Beginning with their association to the Greek goddess of love, Venus, red roses are the time honored way to say "I love you." Red roses are typically associated with romantic love and are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day, proposals, anniversaries, and any other special occasion for your romantic partner. Red rose petals are especially perfect for weddings and since being named the top Atlanta wedding florist by TheKnot.com, Peachtree Petals has had extensive experience incorporating this romantic flower into the special days of brides and grooms all over the Atlanta metro area.

Pink Rose: Pink roses are the most classic roses as they are the most common in the wild. They peaked in popularity with the Victorians who put them on everything from dishes to wallpaper, and this sweet, blushing hue has since stood for friendship. While the pink rose itself is associated with friendship, differing shades represent a wider variety of sentiments. For example, it is said that darker shades are emblematic of gratitude and appreciation while in contrast, lighter shades represent gentleness and admiration.

Yellow Rose: Yellow roses send the most joyous message. These roses are especially designated for best friends. The warmth and sunny dispositions of this shade is perfect for the June flower of the month with the summer season just around the corner and will make for the perfect bouquet for June 8th, Best Friend's Day.

White Rose: The white rose has a long history. In 14th Century England, the white rose was the heraldic sign of the Duke of York who was at the time facing off with the Lancaster family, represented by the red-rose, thus creating the world renowned War of Roses. Today, we think of the white rose as symbolic of purity, love, and formality. Because of this, the white rose is typically used at weddings, anniversaries, christenings, baptisms, graduation ceremonies, and sometimes even funerals.

Orange Rose: The orange rose embodies the wild spirit of summertime making it perfect for June. As the orange rose blends the romance of the red rose and the friendship of the yellow rose with just a hint of the purity found in the white rose, the meaning of the orange rose hints at romantic love emerging from friendship! Many horticulturists vary on the meaning of the orange rose, but typically they will say sending an orange rose (or a gorgeous bouquet of them) will tell your recipient, "Thanks!" or "Congratulations!"

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