Thursday, January 14, 2016

Flower Same-Day Delivery Growing Even In Moscow

When it comes time to get a beautiful bouquet of premium flowers, you always want them to be fresh and of the highest of quality. Sure, you can be confident that you will receive some superior flowers when you're picking them up; however, you can potentially not receive the same floral arrangement if they're delivered to your front door. It's easy for a florist to have them lovely when you walk into their shop, but the best floral providers will have them just as stunning when they arrive at your home.

Flower same-day delivery is becoming more popular, as customers can get their flowers anytime fast. Florists are finding that providing this level of service can vastly expand their business. It is a great tool to help market your floral shop and gain the type of word-of-mouth advertising that you're looking for. With the success of same-day floral delivery going so well, it is thriving throughout the world. just recently released an article about Russia-based floral delivery company Megaflowers that has decided to dive into same-day delivery there.

For more than a decade, Megaflowers offers exclusive services to meet custom needs for flowers within and outside of Russia. It provides floral deliveries to several major Russian cities, including Voskresensk, Ozherelye, Aprelevka, Yakhorma, Kolomna and Zvenigorod. The article mentioned how Megaflowers works directly with the floristic shops located in different parts of the world to make sure that the flower bouquet reaches the recipient fresh. Alliances with floral vendors helps the company deliver bouquets within 3 to 24 hours of receiving the order.

Just as with any flowers being delivered, there must be a model for delivery that is consistently successful. Russia may have different factors involved with the various cold weather patterns, yet, it is a matter of finding what will work in that part of the world. In the US, same-day delivery of flowers has become a favorite for shoppers everywhere, especially with the ability to place orders via mobile when you're on the go. Flowers will continue to be a desired commodity for major holidays and same-day delivery is going to grow right along with it.

If you are looking for a Buckhead Atlanta Florist that can do it all, Peachtree Petals is the premium floral provider that stands superior in the Atlanta area! We are known for our signature same-day delivery for all of our arrangements within the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area. What separates our same-day delivery from the rest is that we perform all of our own deliveries. This affords us the optimal management and efficiency needed to execute on-time deliveries to our customers. We also have a vast driver fleet that results in providing you the confidence and peace of mind that you deserve.

Up to 3pm daily, our same-day delivery is at your disposal for $11.99. For all orders placed after 3pm, they will be delivered the following day or on the date specified. We also have our next-day delivery is available for only $9.99. We perform all of our deliveries, resulting in fresh flowers and on-time service. Whether you are need a Marietta Flower Delivery or a Norcross Flower Delivery, you can be assured that Peachtree Petals will get it there. Call and experience a Peachtree Petals bouquet today!

Reference: 1.11.16,, Megaflowers Provides Same Day Fresh Flower Delivery in Moscow and Other Major Cities

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