Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Best Flowers to Plant in May!

During May, the soils are warm, the temperature is suitable to engage in outdoor planting. Late-spring time s gorgeous and you will very pleased with the outcome of the flowers that bloom from your garden. If you don't know which flowers to choose, here are just some of the Best Flowers in May to plant!

Roses - There's no better flower to plant in May than roses. Being the most popular flower in the world, the rose never loses its' appeal and is practically versatile for any event or occasion. It is one of those flowers that have a wide range of colors that you can choose from to plant. Roses are perennials, yet they are held as being in their own class. The time to plant bare-root roses has long passed in May, however, it's still a good time to plant your own rose garden.

Perennials - May is a great month to plant perennials. These plants include foxglove, delphiniums, hydrangeas and gaillardias. Perennials are plants that live for more than one season. They return yearly in the same spot to grow and bloom. Some of them stay green throughout the growing season, but only bloom for a short 2-3 week period as well. Others bloom and then die back also. When planting, make sure you double dig the soil and add a large amount of compost and organic matter before you actually plant them because it is difficult to make up for poor soil with additional fertilization.

Vines - Vining plants are good to plant in May as well. They can be perennial or annuals, depending on the variety. Some good choices for you include morning glories, black-eyed Susans and hyacinth beans for the annual vines, and the best perennial vines include honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis. One key is that you provide adequate support for the vines, such as for the honeysuckle, which is heavy.

Annuals - Warm-season annuals can be planted in mid-May, and they will bloom in July and August. Keep in mind that these flowers live for only one season, The best annuals include zinnias, cosmos and bachelor buttons. You can get a head start on the season by starting warm-season flowers from seed inside under grow lights in March if you desire, so they'll be ready in May. It is recommended that you get them used to the change in temperatures by hardening them off, which is taking the plants outside for longer and longer periods of time before transplanting them.

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Reference:, Katie Rosehill, What Are Good Flowers to Plant in May?

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