Monday, June 27, 2016

Great Hospital Flower Delivery Tips!

Having loved ones recovering in the hospital isn't easy, but you can always be right there by their side to comfort and support them. You can also send them the Best Hospital Flowers to absolutely brighten their day. Before you do, here are just a few hospital flower delivery tips to consider to make sure your recipient not only receives their flowers, but they are pleased with them too!

Flower Limitations - Be mindful of any flower limitations that particular hospital or nursing facility has. One thing that can be disappointing when you are sending hospital flowers to someone dear to you is when they aren't allowed to have them in their room. For example, some hospital may not allow flowers with strong fragrances, such as lilies, depending upon your recipient's condition. Making a quick call and speak with a nurse to check will go a long way, especially if your flowers are a surprise. You may decide to send a plant instead!

Confirm their current room number - When you're send flowers to a hospital, it's confirm your loved one's current room number. Due to surgery or a specific treatment, they could potentially be in one room in the morning, but be moved to an entire different floor in the afternoon. Find out if they will be in their current room they day your are sending your bouquet. Then, you're able to give the florist the correct location so your recipient can receive their flowers in the time frame you desire.

Flower room holding areas - Many hospitals have holding rooms for flowers that are being delivered to patients. Since patients receive flowers all at the facility at all times, the hospital will put all the bouquets in one room at the time of delivery, then delivery all flowers at one time. If you have a particular time in mind you desire your recipient to receive their bouquet, it would be good to know whether the hospital stores them in a holding area first. Also, knowing if they do informs you where they can check for the floral arrangement in case it gets lost.

Know the flowers they feel like having there - Most recipients don't mind, yet it's great to know they feel like having those particular flowers there at the hospital. Sometimes, the flowers they like outside of the hospital, may not necessarily be the flowers they want, or will bring them joy, while there. For example, their favorite flowers may be roses; however, they may feel like having sunflowers which are bright and cheerful to bring life to their room. Ask them, or if your flowers are a surprise, be creative and have a nurse casually ask also.

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