Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wedding Day Advice from Officiants

Immediately following their engagement, brides are filled with prenuptial euphoria. This giddiness often lasts into the beginning stages of wedding planning until they realize just how many minute details there are to account for on their wedding day. These details can become so overwhelming, completely overtaking the minds of once recently excited couples. The sheet amount of planning can cause unnecessary anxiety and tension between couples and their friends and family members.

Many married couples would tell newly engaged couples not to sweat these details, and instead to enjoy the planning as much as they enjoy their special day. With all there is to plan and consider, this advice can often be forgotten. Chicago Tribune writer, Donna Vickroy, consulted wedding officiant, Jeannie Walton, a wedding professional with years of experience in the wedding industry first on the hospitality side, and more recently as an officiant, to find what couples can do to help them maintain their perspective during the wedding planning process. Jeannie gave some tangible suggestions or couples that can serve our Atlanta brides.
  • Allow for More Than Enough Time For Every Aspect of the Day: Some things will take longer than anticipated and some things will move along more quickly than planned. Either way, it is best to allow for plenty of time for each aspect of the day so it can be fully enjoyed.
  • Don’t Pick a DJ Based on Showmanship: As Walton said, “This is not a race car event; you don’t need exaggerated voices.”
  • Make Sure There’s A Mic: Having a microphone stand for your officiant is one detail you won’t want to overlook. This is especially important for larger weddings. It can be frustrating for guests when they can’t hear the special words of the officiant, or the intimate moment of the vow exchange. Prevent this frustration and make sure everyone is included by providing a mic for your officiant.
  • Discuss Family Problems Ahead of Time: No family is perfect or free from some degree of issue. Whether these problems be generations deep, or recently developed schisms, it’s important to discuss and anticipate ahead of time what problems family members may have with one another and try to prevent them. It’s impossible to ensure everything will go smoothly in this area, but anticipating it ahead of time will help couples prepare.
  • Be Upfront With Vendors: It’s important to communicate with vendors the vision, flow, and budget for the day. While vendors usually have a great deal of expertise in the wedding field, they aren’t mind readers and need cooperation and communication from the couple to ensure the day goes as expected.
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