Friday, December 23, 2016

Get in the Christmas Spirit

The best time of the year is Christmas.  There's love in the air and smiling faces everywhere.  As you shop at your favorite store, you hear the sounds of holiday tunes playing, you see the Christmas trees and the warm lighting. Stores all across the country are getting into the Christmas spirit by creating a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere that's perfect for shopping during this joyous time.  The great news is you don't have to go to a local store to experience the spirit of Christmas, you can fill your home with the sounds of holiday tunes, warm lighting, pleasant fragrances, and fresh Christmas bouquets.
If you are trying to get into the Christmas Spirit, here are few more favorite things to help you thoroughly enjoy your Christmas this year!

Create a countdown to Christmas.  One way you can get into the Christmas Spirit is to create a countdown before the big day arrives. You can be creative with your ideas, such as buying a big calendar and putting Christmas trees on each date of the month, crossing out each one until the day Christmas is here!  You can also hang up ornaments with numbers tagged on them and hang them on a string in the den of your home.  Simply take down an ornament each day until you get to 1 left, then hang it at the top of your Christmas tree on Christmas day!

Decorate your home with Christmas flowers.  To get into the Christmas Spirit in your home, you can always count on flowers to create the Christmas atmosphere you desire.  You can buy some the Best Christmas Flowers in Atlanta from Peachtree Petals and place them in various places in your home.  Watch your home come to life as you add a rich red poinsettia plant basket to your foyer.  Watch your dining room table capture the season as you add a Christmas centerpiece right in the middle of it.  

Watching Christmas movies.  There's also nothing like good old-fashioned Christmas movies to get into the Christmas Spirit.  Sit down with your family, enjoy some egg nog and cookies, and watch some of the best classic movies of all time during the holidays!  For the kids, you can always pop in How the Grinch Stole Christmas to show them what the season is all about.  For the grown ups in the house, nothing compares to watching the classic It's a Wonderful Life by the fire. 
Bake some Christmas cookies.  This is a great way to have some holiday fun with your family and kids too.  Once all of the family have arrived from out of town on Christmas Eve, you all can get some cookie dough and all kinds of sweets to put on top of them once the baking is done.  The kids will love putting Christmas-colored sprinkles, decorative toppings to cause them to look like Christmas trees, ornaments, a snowman, and more!   

Peachtree Petals is indeed an excellent Atlanta Florist that you can turn to for Christmas flowers, plants, centerpieces, and more.  We even have our very own Christmas Collection comprised of a variety of floral arrangements that you can easily select from for the holidays.  We take pride in providing high-quality and fresh flowers that our customers deserve.
If you need your flowers in a hurry this holiday season, it's not a problem for Peachtree Petals.  Our popular same-day delivery of our premium flowers is available daily up to 3pm.  We deliver throughout the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area, therefore you can call us if you need an Atlanta Flower Delivery or even a Norcross Flower Delivery.  Peachtree Petals does it all, even during the Christmas season!  For the best Christmas flowers, come and experience Peachtree Petals!

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