Monday, February 20, 2017

The Best February Wedding Flowers!

Some women like having their wedding in the the spring and summer from May to July. Some even like the weather and amazing colors of the fall in October. Yet, some of us thoroughly enjoy the latter of the winter months and have decided to have your wedding in February!

With it already filled with Valentine's Day, February is considered one of the best months of the year to have a wedding. Romance and love is already in the air, which will make your big day even more special. As you begin to plan your wedding, deciding on your gown, your wedding location, reception theme, and more, don't forget one of the most important elements of your wedding--flowers! Here are some of the Best Wedding Flowers in February that will be absolutely perfect for you!

One of the Best February Wedding Flowers is the bouvardia. It is a star-shaped cluster of flowers that look festive and vibrant. They are soft flowers and truly communicate love. They are available in deep pink, red or white. The bouvardia works well with hyacinths and garden roses, in addition to being your primary flower. Either way, you won't go wrong with choosing the bouvardia for the theme of your wedding.

When it comes to creating that elegance and grace in a wedding, no flowers does it better than the calla lily. This flower exude purity and romance, all at the same time. Its' single petals form a trumpet-like shape and they stand with virtue. The colors of the calla lily include white, lavender, rich purple, shades of mango, yellow, and burgundy. They are great if you are looking for a simple look for your wedding. Callas are expensive flowers, yet they're worth it!

The rose is without question the most popular flower in the world. It is consistently used in an array of events and occasions because of its' versatility. No matter the color scheme of your wedding, there is more than likely a rose with a color that would fit. Roses come in red, white, yellow, orange, lavender, and more. Roses can be your primary choice, or in the midst of not being able to decide, you can always turn to the rose and your wedding will be stunning!

Lastly, if you are looking for something beautiful and different, choose the delphinium. This wondrous, long stemmed flower is made up of dense clusters of blooms that grow in the shape of a tower. All of the clusters surround one stem to present this lively look. Its' colors come in hues of royal blue, powder blue, mauve and white. Whether you use it as floral decor within your actual wedding and/or at your reception, the delphinium is amazing flower that you will absolutely love!

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