Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roses For Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner, people are preparing gifts to express their deepest love for one another.  To everyone around the world, no other flower compares to sending Valentine's Day roses.  According to TheRomantic.com, 110 million roses are sold during the three days surrounding Valentine's Day.  Although the majority sold are& red roses on Valentine's Day, the holiday yet includes the purchasing of an array of the flower's other beautiful colors.  There are variety of colors of the rose and they all have different meanings to communicate love for every level of relationship.

White Roses are symbolic of innocence and purity.  They express truth and are heavenly.  They work well when mixed with the red rose to communicate a bond and are the favorite rose for weddings.

Yellow Roses  communicate friendship and freedom.  These are not the roses to choose if you have other intentions than to be just a friend.  A best friend or colleague would love these.  You can also send yellow roses for occasions such as weddings, graduations, and new mothers.

Deep Pink Roses are used to express "Thank You".  It's rich color communicates the depth of what you mean, without the denotation of romantic love.

Peach Roses communicate appreciation and gratitude.  They are similar to how deep pink roses are used.

Orange Roses express enthusiasm and desire.

Two Roses Entwined speak of becoming engaged or marriage is drawing near.  This is a timely act for anyone desiring to propose on Valentine's Day.  You can explain the meaning of the entwined roses and then pop the question!

Red Rose + Yellow Rose denotes happiness and celebration.  It is a very lively expression.

Light Pink Roses communicate a joy to behold, fun, and happiness.  They are also great for the celebration of newborns.

Red Rose is the symbol of love.  It is the capturing of love, passion, grace, and romance, embodied in one flower.  This is the rose to express romantic relationship level and/or the desire to have one with someone.  It is the Valentine's Day Rose.

There are so many ways to use the unspeakable gift of roses to speak volumes to those we love on Valentine's Day.  There are also so many rose colors to choose from.  Whatever your decision may be, Peachtree Petals are able to provide the quality floral arrangement and rose colors you are looking for.  The new Atlanta florist defines themselves as being simple, quality, and also, free delivery of their floral arrangements.  Their experienced florists are more than capable and willing to help customers make their Valentine's Day the best one ever.

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