Friday, October 26, 2012

Flowers And Chocolates - A Great Combination

There is nothing like flowers and what they can mean to a special someone. Flowers brighten our day, bring tears to our eyes and encourages hope for tomorrow. Yet, there is a small dainty that brings much delight as well, which we all have come to know as chocolates. When the two are put together, nothing can be compared to this loving combination.

Flowers and chocolates communicate a deep level of romance and sincere love to your special someone. The choice of flowers in the bouquet should have an element of richness and depth in color, just like the chocolate being given along with them. If you are sending flowers and chocolates, a common flower theme for your floral arrangement should be solely the red rose with lush greens or a bouquet with the red rose as the main flower. The two are not usually sent to someone that is just a friend.

The gift of flowers have been given throughout history as symbols of love. Many flowers communicate feelings such passion, friendship, and comfort. They cater to having a multi-sensory experience, where we can see, touch, and smell the joy they bring us. Billions of flowers are sold each year, including 32.1 billion in 2011. With flowers doing as much as they do, chocolates just makes the gift experience better.

Chocolates are great choice to give as an additional gift, especially to a woman. Men like chocolate, but women love chocolate! Chocolate is a "feel good" food for women all around the world. Scientifically, chocolate is a neurotransmitter and lifts the level of serotonin in the body. For women that encounter the up and down levels of stress, chocolate literally makes them feel happy. Of course too much of chocolate is not healthy, but every once and a well, can be a pleasure for the one you admire.

There are a variety of chocolates to make your floral arrangement more enjoyable. One popular chocolate that compliments floral arrangements the best is the chocolate truffle. These delicious treats are typically made with ganache centered in the inside and coated with dark or milk chocolate. Truffles can also be centered with caramel, nuts, graham crackers, fudge, berries, and even marshmallows. They can be lightly touched with a sprinkle of sea salt or lined with elegant stripped chocolate designs on the outside layers to add to the delicacy.

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