Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Boutonnieres - The Perfect Flower For The Groom

Weddings are so special and we all want to look our best. This is not only for the bride and her bridesmaids, but the groom and his groomsmen. There's nothing like a boutonniere to add the right touch to the attire of the groomsmen. Holding a wedding bouquet in the hand wouldn't be fitting for a man, however, a wedding boutonniere is always perfect.

A wedding boutonniere is a flower bud designed to be worn on the left lapel of the groom and groomsmen. It has special significance, distinguishing those who are a part of the wedding party and honoring them. Just as the groom's tuxedo or suit is different from the groomsmen, so can the groom's boutonniere be. Some ideas could be to make it the same flower type and design, but larger. It can be the same design, but with a different flower bud. You can also have a different flower and design altogether.

It is placed on the outside of the buttonhole, not on the inside. There are a few choices to wear the pin of the boutonniere. It can be pinned inside, therefore, on the outside it can not be seen. However, a touch of elegance to the wedding boutonniere is to wear a decorative pin on the outside. This even adds more style to the attire. If you would like to be even more creative, the pocket boutonniere is another type worn in the jacket pocket. It is flower petals glued to cardboard and inserted inside the groomsmen's pockets. You can add rhinestones and other embellishments also.

The first and most important rule to remember is the wedding boutonniere chosen is based on the bridal bouquet. The groom will compliment the bride. Once the bridal bouquet is selected, then your decision for the boutonniere flower and design will be much easier. You can use fresh or silk flowers for it, however silk flowers do last longer.

They should be made to compliment the bride and bridesmaids' dress colors and style. The colors are very important and make sure that any embellishments to the boutonniere compliment the wedding colors as well. The great thing about boutonnieres is that they are few in number and are small. This comes in handy if you need a floral designer to dye the flower bud of the wedding boutonniere to a certain color if needed. This should be able to done fast and at low additional cost.

This wonderful little floral accent can make a world of difference for the matching of the entire wedding party, even if you desire for all the men in the wedding party families to wear a boutonniere. This is also perfect for making your wedding photos more beautiful. With family wearing various attire color schemes, it can be difficult to bring all the colors together for your wedding photography. These will be the primary memorabilia and you want them to be their best.

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