Thursday, November 29, 2012

Best Flowers For Christmas!

Christmas is almost here and many will agree is the most wonderful time of year. Nothing compares to spending time with family and friends. It seems like the food never ends as well. We also can't forget gifts.

Whether to your family members, co-workers, or even to the less fortunate whom we don't even know, we willingly and cheerfully give gifts to all. Flowers are one of those gifts for Christmas that bring joy to those dear to us. Here are some great flower choices for Christmas and the holiday season.

Poinsettias - The poinsettia is the most popular Christmas plant in the world today. The botanical name for the plant is Euphorbia Pulcherrima, which means "very beautiful". The plants can be as short as 2ft tall, yet can grow up to 10ft in height. They are known for their large, rich red bracts and green leaves, offering the perfect combination of Christmas colors. They also come in pink, green, marble, and cream.

Christmas Amaryllis - This well-known plant and comes in a variety of colors, yet is most popular for its' red color. Having flat and narrow leaves, its' shape looks similar to the lily. It is in bloom during this winter season and makes for a great decoration during the holiday season.

Red Roses - Red roses are beyond compare and are is the most popular flower in the world year-round. It is romantic, beautiful and fitting for any occasion, including Christmas. They have their brightest shade of red color during the winter season. Roses also come in white, which can be an excellent combination for Christmas centerpieces on the dinner table, kitchen and other home decor.

Red Gerberas - The red gerbera daisy is so beautifully cheerful. Their symbol is love and desire. Their expression is similar to the sunflower, having a bright, lifting appeal that is perfect for Christmas. They come in other colors, including white as well. They are best used during Christmas within mixed bouquets.

All of these top flowers for Christmas, indeed will make the season bright. Peachtree Petals is a premier florist that can provide all of these beautiful flowers and more. This Buckhead Atlanta florist specializes in quality floral bouquets and decor, using the most freshest flowers. Our floral designers have over 50 years of experience with their craft and can create the right Christmas flowers for you. Peachtree Petals offers free same-day delivery throughout Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area as well. Celebrate your Christmas and the holiday season with Peachtree Petals!

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