Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Deals At Flower Shops For Christmas!

Thanksgiving has passed and the year's biggest holiday is a couple of weeks away. Christmas is the #1floral -buying holiday and 30% of adults buy flowers as gifts. From Christmas parties needing floral decor to flowers given to appreciate your Mother, flowers are perfect for the holiday season. There will be many holiday deals by flower shops right now. Peachtree Petals is one of those flower shops you don't want to miss and is offering an assortment of flower deals for Christmas.

Christmas Centerpieces For $19.99 - Peachtree Petals is offering an amazing deal of a custom designed Christmas centerpiece for $19.99 for pick-up orders. The holiday deal will be offered until December 31st. Our florists will use the highest of quality and seasonal flowers to create a Christmas centerpiece for your just right for you. Whether for your home or to surprise a family member at the holiday dinner, this is a great buy.
The Holiday Sneak Peek Sale - We have the Holiday Sneak Peek Sale for those shoppers who love to take their time by pre-ordering their beautiful bouquets and floral decor. You can pre-order from our holiday collection by December 14th and receive 20% your entire order. Customers can simply use coupon code XMAS20 at checkout and will automatically receive their 20% discount.

$10 Pick-Up Deal Off All Bouquets - There's nothing like receiving a discount for simply going to pick up your flowers and that's exactly what Peachtree Petals' offers. Any customer will receive $10 off when they decide to pick up their floral arrangement. This is standard with Peachtree Petals, yet how much more exciting for our customers to save a little more money to put towards their other Christmas gifts!

Once you have selected which Peachtree Petals holiday sale you desire to take advantage of, go to our website and you can choose from our wide assortment of Christmas bouquets to seal the deal! Some examples of our Christmas flowers are the Candy Cane Lane Bouquet in a basket, the Vera Wang Grand Occasion Bouquet, Fresh 28" Christmas Gold Wreath, and much more!

You don't have to look any further for holiday flowers, Peachtree Petals is the right choice for you. This Atlanta flower shop is a recognized Master Florist, with floral designers with over 50 years of floral design experience. From holiday gift baskets to Christmas centerpieces, Peachtree Petals can meet any of your floral needs this holiday season. Visit us at www.peachtreepetals.com or call us at 1-800-337-1755 today!
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