Monday, July 15, 2013

The Best Summer Wedding Dresses

There's nothing like having an amazing wedding dress to put your guest in awe of your beauty, not to mention your husband-to-be. A woman looks her most beautiful on her wedding day! It is only right that she has the most beautiful wedding dress to match.

Right now, it's summer and if you are having a July wedding, you don't want to just wear any dress. There is something called heat all around, and you must be aware that your body could potentially respond the wrong way if you are too hot in your wedding dress. This is just one of several reasons why the right wedding dress matters. Most wedding dresses can be worn year-round because most brides have their wedding indoors. However, summer is summer and there are still some that are better than others to choose from.

Below are some great tips when it comes to choosing the best summer wedding dress for you.

Fit - You definitely want to have a wedding dress that allow you movement during the summer. You also want a light and airy dress. You want to remain cool, therefore, do not choose a dress with long sleeves. Strapless wedding dresses are versatile and spaghetti straps work well, which have the look of a strapless gown as well. Halter tops on wedding dress can be worn, however, if you do not want to bare your shoulders and arms, where a short-sleeve dress. With a short-sleeve wedding dress, it would help to have it knee-length instead of it being more traditionally long. You also want to avoid wearing a dress with too many layers.

Colors - For a summer wedding, you definitely want to have the right colors. Choose a crisp white that looks cool or a variation of it. Rich colors will work well also, such as ivory or cream. Silver accents and gold undertones are beautiful. You can also go for a more non-traditional look by adding subtle color undertones like pink or earth-tone. Be mindful if you are having an outdoor wedding of how the colors will look within the location setting with sunlight as well. Materials - One thing about a summer wedding, once you are in the dress, you are in it on your wedding day. The wedding material is going to matter. Make sure the materials of your wedding dress not only look beautiful, but feel comfortable. You do not want to be occupied with having to bear through your own wedding because of a dress made of material that's too hot and uncomfortable. You want to have cool material that you can relax in. Cotton is breathable and great for beach weddings. Silk is also very lightweight. Silk georgette is an especially sheer type of silk and excellent for layering. Organza is beautiful and has a more defined, tailored look than silk also.

Embellishments - Keep your embellishments on your wedding dress lightweight. Fine lace is a great choice. Avoid too many layers of embellishments, such as beads on the dress and keep them small. It all may be pretty, however, this is the best way to go during your summer wedding.

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