Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Easter Flowers!

Within the month of March, the life-filled season of Spring begins. However, more importantly, this month holds one of the dearest holidays in the world--Easter. This year, Easter falls on a Sunday as well, creating even deeper meaning for those that treasure this holy day. It is truly a great, meaningful time to show others how much you love them and there is nothing more fitting to give someone than flowers.

With Easter almost at the door, many of us are seeking beautiful flowers to send to our Mother, family member or loved one to make their hearts smile. Below are some of the best Easter flowers to choose from to make their holiday bright.

Easter Lily - The Easter Lily is hands down the top flower of choice for Easter. It is the traditional symbolic flower for this Christian holy day for many reasons. It is white, symbolizing purity. The flower also blooms wide, likened to a trumpet-shape, signifying the victory of Jesus on this day. The flower does have a strong scent, therefore, keep this in mind for any recipients with allergies.

Daffodils - The daffodils are very popular during spring time. It symbolizes unrequited love. It is symbolic of Christ's' resurrection from the dead, as a new flower is 'born' from a seemingly dead bulb of the daffodil. They are beautiful and their array of colors, make them very versatile flower for using for Easter. This bright yellow flower can also be planted outside with the right conditions.

Tulips - Tulips are recommended for their brightness, tenderness and freshness. The tulip is beautiful and fitting enough to be its' own Easter bouquet. They come in a variety of Easter colors such as pink, lemon yellow, soft greens, and lavender. Tulips are available year-round, yet are in peak season during Spring. As a result, you will find they will be reasonably priced for Easter.

Roses - Last but not least, the rose is fitting for any holiday, including Easter. The rose is available year-round also and comes in an assortment of colors such as white, yellow, pink, orange, and other gentle Easter colors. They are versatile, enabling the rose to be used as the primary flower in the bouquet or a secondary accent flower to the Easter lily. Roses will be reasonably priced as well. Therefore, if you are undecided, the rose is always a good choice.

No matter which flowers for Easter you select, they will only be as beautiful as the florist that is chosen that can create the arrangement for you. Peachtree Petals is able to provide a variety of Atlanta Easter baskets and Easter flowers to meet all of your floral needs. We also offer free same-day delivery of all our arrangements within the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area. You can be certain, Peachtree Petals will help make your Easter memorable! Visit or call 1-800-337-1755 today!


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