Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wedding Trends For 2013, Includes Top Wedding Flower!

Weddings are on the upswing and the annual costs by couples being spent on them shows it. The highest amount since 2008 is being spent on weddings, especially due to couples desiring to be creative and define who they are. It creates a brand new level of excitement, as couples feel free to express their love. No wonder there are exciting new trends this year to match.

As we head into Spring, there are wedding plans galore and new trends by many happy brides. If you are planning your wedding right now, here are some top wedding trends for 2013 that could be just right for your wedding!

Return To Formality - Formality is going to be big this year. Black ties and formal, long-length gown are in. Also, have crystal and fine dining ware is bringing a trend for elegance. Even if you are planning an outdoor wedding event, you can make it formal.

"Glamping" Wedding - The term glamping has become a coined term ever since Matthew McConaughey's weekend wedding in which they and their guests camped out in the backyard of their estate in stat-of-the-art tents. They had overnight guests as well. Brides are enjoying this idea. If the overnight option doesn't fit you, the tents can be a part of the reception celebration.

Gleaming Invitations - Foil stamping on invitations will be a trend this year. Stamping with glints of metallic gold, silver or bronze on the invitation will be stellar. This causes the bride and groom's name to shine. It will add a pop to your invitations!

Eye-Popping Cakes - Cakes that are clean and modern are trending right now. The trend is to have at least one embellishment, such as a bow or flower. Another trend is having a wedding cake that has a variety of eye-popping color all over it and appliques. Brides are also having cakes made the mimic the wedding details of their dress!

Flower Of The Year - The flower that will be trending in 2013 is the peony. The peony has been rated the hottest wedding flower in demand for the past two years according to Sayles Livingston Design. It is soft, lush and beautiful to behold. Amazingly enough, the peony is only in bloom between April and June. Therefore, if this doesn't fit your wedding date, then the garden rose is another great choice for your wedding.

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