Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Did You Know That Flowers Also Have Breeders?

One thing is for sure, there are so many beautiful flowers in the world, we can't help but to find one that we absolutely adore. From roses and calla lilies, to hydrangeas and peonies, flowers are one of nature's most celebrated and loved treasures. It may be unimaginable that there can be more new flowers than we may have seen in our lifetime, yet there is. Believe it or not, there are new flowers and variation of flowers that are created by flower breeders, which pursue to come up with the highest level of combinations.

These breeders create millions of new flowers each year in the world. Not all of these flowers are chosen to reproduce and be sold within the floral market. They must be special enough to make it into commercial reproduction. Out of the millions created, only a few hundred are presented to the world and sold on the shelves to customers.

We all want the best flowers in California and there are some new flowers that are trending as great choices this year. Below are just some of the new flowers and flower variations that appear to be definitely appealing to flower lovers everywhere:

Calla Lilies - Deep purple Calla lilies includes what is called Captain Reno, a great purple zant for those regal and rich purple weddings. Sun Valley Floral Farms has created this wonderful Calla lily and is sure to please any bride.

Pink Lemonade Hydrangea - The pink lemonade hydrangea is the new blush pink hydrangea and is perfect for any blush pink and peach wedding color scheme. This is also great for that husband pursuing to celebrate their anniversary, which she will find this to be a lovely, full flower.

Alaskan Peony - Every woman has come to love the peony. It is full of sweetness and romance. The Alaskan peony season is almost here and there is even an association of growers called the Alaska Peony Growers Association for this particular unique flower. The association has a site as well that customers can feel free to view the array of colors for this peony also.

Garden Roses - Garden roses continue to be very popular for wedding bouquets. They are different from the standard rose, as they are very full and lush.

New Zealand's Red Dragon - The is an exotic, red cut flower birthed in New Zealand and very different in style. It's actual name is The bromeliad Pitcairnia hitchcockiana.

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