Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Friday Wedding Perks

You've just become engaged and now the question everyone begins asking is, "have you set a date yet?" This is an innocuous question. You just got engaged so certainly you must know the exact date you want to be wed. You may very well in fact have this date in your mind. As you begin contact venues and vendors however, you might begin to realize those precious Saturday wedding dates are few and far between. If you want the coveted Saturday wedding you might very well be looking at having your wedding in 2016 or 2017. The wedding industry is starting to see an increase in the amount of Friday weddings, and while there remain many advantages of having your wedding on a Saturday, we encourage you to buck the tradition and reap the benefits of a Friday affair.

When thinking of the disadvantages of a Saturday wedding most people immediately think of the difficulty in booking the perfect date for the reception venue, and this is absolutely right; We typically see venues booking more quickly than vendors.You might not think about ceremony space being limited or the time available for ceremonies being limited. Many religious venues like churches and synagogues might have a restrictive time limit for when wedding ceremonies can take place in order to accommodate Saturday afternoon and evening services. For example, your ceremony might need to be completely wrapped up by four p.m. creating a considerable amount of downtime for guests between the ceremony and the reception. By having your wedding take place on a Friday, you won’t have to be as pressed for time to work around these services and can have your ceremony and reception back to back.

One unexpected perk of a Friday wedding is how simplistic it can be for guests. Out of town guests will enjoy cheaper flights by flying in on a Thursday evening as opposed to a Friday evening, and many hotels will offer discounts for wedding blocks beginning on a Thursday evening as it helps boosts their sales earlier in the week than normal. Guests from out of town will be able to spend the remainder of the weekend catching up with you and other family and friends. Local guests could take off work early, attend the evening ceremony, and still have Saturday and Sunday to rest and enjoy!

Many vendors may offer discounts for Friday events, especially during the height of wedding season when they can book events back to back on a weekend and capitalize on the two ceremony weekend. While these discounts are not always the case, you will also open yourself up to the opportunity to “shop around” with vendors as they won’t be nearly as limited in supply. This freedom will help you save money by finding the right vendor for your budget even if a discount is not explicitly offered.

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