Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ways To Revamp Traditional Wedding Trends!

There's nothing like knowing just the right styles and trends that will make your wedding the most beautiful wedding ever. It is no surprise that as times change, the trends for weddings are changing as well. If you want what's in, you don't have to look any further. We have the wedding trends you will absolutely love because they aren't what we're use to, but better.

Trends are revamped each year and 2014 is no different. Here are a number of trends that have been revamped and have been pleasing brides everywhere:

Burlap With Lace Accents have been very popular to use on mason jars and other wedding decor. Yet, what happens is all weddings begin to look alike and no bride wants that to be the case. Stephanie Carmody of Tres Chic Events stated in a recent Bridal Guide article, "The problem we have with this particular trend is that all of these weddings start to look alike. As a result, we aren’t seeing the personalization or uniqueness of the couple shine through". A great way to revamp this trend is to replace using burlap and lace with chiffon or silk, which are more of a feminine fabric. An example of its' use would be to create a hand-died chiffon runner.

Having Photo Booths at weddings has become pretty trendy as well, yet still classic. "Couples seem to add these to their wedding as a default now, as if they have to have it because all of their friends did. At the end of the night, we pick up tons of photo strips left behind by guests who didn’t know what to do with them", stated Tracie Domino of Tracie Domino Events. It is a great idea to keep all of your wedding memories, however, some good revamping would help. Add to your photo booth specialized furniture, cool backdrops and unique props. Another revamp is to use the same things, yet have a video booth instead.

Candy Bars have been trendy also. A few years ago, newlyweds began trending from large wedding cakes as their sole dessert option. Candy displays were made and guests would receive them as favors as well. Yet now, the candy table needs revamping. "Everyone loves candy but the candy table concept has taken its last bow," said Robin Naluai at the Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa. She went on to suggest his-and-her treat tables. "Maybe the groom is a sucker for a good PB&J with no crusts and a cold milk while the bride has always loved caramel apples," said Naluai.

Amid all the trends, there will always be something special about Wedding Flowers. They are stylish, beautiful and breathtaking all at the same time. They do so much for brides, especially complimenting flowers to the bridal party. No matter who you are or your culture, flowers will remain trendy and its' all up to you how use them for your wedding. Be creative and revamp how you incorporate your wedding with them, whether its' flower centerpieces, floral wedding decor around the altar, or above the door entries.

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